Frequently Asked Questions


ROAD CLOSURES and TIMES in Hamilton?

No parking anywhere on Front Street from Court Street to Par-La-Ville as of 1am Friday morning, October 16 including all bike and car parking bays and parking lots including Albuoy’s Point.

Front Street will close completely to public traffic from Court Street to Par-La-Ville at 11am on Friday, October 16 and will reopen on Sunday, October 18 at 11:59pm.

Where will there be PUBLIC PARKING?

Drivers are encouraged to park in Bull’s Head Car Park, King Street Car Park, Par-la-Ville Car Park, Cavendish Car Park and Elliot Street Car Park.

Parking at City Hall will be limited. Front Street car parks are closed.

Are there Specific TAXI ZONES?

There will be two taxi stands: one on Queen Street between Front Street and Reid Street and one on Front Street between Court Street and Parliament Street. These will be in operation throughout the weekend.

Where is the best access for LIMITED MOBILITY PERSONS?

Vehicles with Disabled Parking Permits will be permitted to drop off and pick up passengers in either taxi zone.

After drop off, due to extremely limited parking in these areas, drivers should then go and park their car in the normal public car parking areas, before joining their companions in the Event Village


On Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm to 4pm, Harbour Road will operate on a one-way system from Cobb’s Hill Road to Stowe Hill.

Car parking will be allowed on the shore side (north lane) of the road, for those who may wish to watch the racing from here. Traffic will travel in an easterly direction (towards Hamilton) along the southern side of the road.


The Fan Zone will feature Large ‘Daylight’ Screens with live coverage and commentary of the racing and other activities in the Event Village. There will also be TV screens placed throughout the Village.

Watch the live finish of the second race each day right off Front Street near Pier 6. The races are scheduled to finish between at about 3:20pm each day.

Download the AC APP from and follow the racing through live interactive content on AC+. The app is FREE and America’s Cup is making AC+ FREE for Bermuda residents!
There will be increased mobile coverage on Front Street, which should allow live streaming on your AC APP.

Boaters are strongly advised to bring a transistor radio to follow the live commentary on ZBM FM89 and Power 95 in case of data drop-outs on the Great Sound.

TV viewers can tune in to ZFB TV7 and ZBM TV9 for live broadcast coverage.

Is the regular PUBLIC TRANSPORT schedule in effect?


The full normal Bus schedule will be available during the event.


Ferries are being re-routed during the event to avoid the race course area. Ferries will still depart from the Ferry Dock in Hamilton. In addition to the normal schedule, Marine & Ports will be running additional late night services on Friday & Saturday night, to enable the public to get home safely.
In the event that the race course is placed in Hamilton Harbour the ferry service will be cancelled between 12pm and 4pm for that day.

Is the EVENT VILLAGE still open during the CONCERT?

For those not attending the concert, the Fan Zone will close at 5pm but the remainder of the Village will remain open, including the BDA Festival Zone and the Food Court. 





There will be 2 training races on Friday and 2 competitive races on each of Saturday and Sunday.
The first race of each day will start at approximately 2pm, and the second race will finish at approximately 3.30pm.

Do RECREATIONAL BOATERS need to register?

Recreational boaters are encouraged to register their boats at Boats 49 feet and under and free. Boats 50 feet and over must pay a $100 registration fee and obtain a flag.

Registration allows the boat owner to receive up-to-date information about the race course via email.

Where can a recreational boat PICK UP AND DROP OFF passengers?

Recreational Boaters are strongly encouraged to pick-up their passengers from a location outside of Hamilton Harbour. While there is a public pick-up area at Barr’s Bay Park, it is likely to be congested, and this could cause a delay in your getting to the race course in time!

Pick up for Official Spectator boats will be at Albuoy’s Point: Please consult your ticket for your specific boarding time and arrive on the dock well in advance of that time. Due to congestion, the Spectator Boats will only be alongside the dock during their designated 10 minute pick-up time slot. If you are not there on time, you will be left behind!

Where is the RACE COURSE AREA?

The main race course area will either be in the Great Sound west of the Two Rock passage, or in the Hamilton Harbour, depending on the wind conditions on the day. The Regatta Director will decide the approximate racing area at 10 am on each morning of the racing.

The second race of each day is scheduled to finish off of Front Street.

The exact race course and will be finalised and designated by the Regatta Director between 12noon and 1pm on each race day, depending on the wind conditions.

Approximately 30 Race Course Marshals will be on hand to help direct spectators to the correct spectator area and to ensure all unauthorized marine traffic stays clear of the race course. Race Course Marshalls will be identifiable by the Green Flags they are flying, marked “CM”.

The Official Racecourse will be lined by stakeboats bearing a RED stakeboat flag.

Are there any other SPECTATOR RULES?

There will be a 5-knot, no wake zone throughout the race area, including Hamilton Harbour, from Friday October 16 through until 11pm on Sunday October 18.

Boaters are encouraged to take up position approximately 1 hour before the first races start at 2pm, and to stay in position until the end of the second race, to reduce the risk of collision.

Boaters should only drop anchor once the position of the racecourse has been finalized the Race Management and communicated over VHF Channel 72.

If you want to change positions during the racing schedule make sure you take into account the 5-knot speed limit

Spectator boats will not be permitted to follow the race boats at any point during the racing, including during the passage into Hamilton Harbour for the finish of the second race.

The Hamilton Harbour area between the tip of Albuoy’s Point across to the Container Docks on Front Street is restricted for recreational boaters during the event as a safety measure.

Where can I receive MARINE COMMUNICATIONS about the event?

Keep up-to-date with all thing’s America’s Cup by downloading the official app through iTunes or Google Play for high energy content and much more. It’s free for locals!

Registered boaters should monitor their registered email addresses and Marine Radio Channel 72 for the most up-to-date information on the race course location each morning.

Boaters are strongly advised to bring a transistor radio to follow the live commentary on ZBM FM89 in case of data drop-outs on the Great Sound.

In the event of an on-water emergency, the public should use UHF/VHF Channel 16 (as normal) to radio for assistance.

Can I fly a DRONE OR OTHER AICRAFT during the event?

Drone operators should note that an extensive no fly zone is in effect for the duration of the weekend over the western half of Bermuda in the interests of the safety of the helicopter crew, the racing teams and the general public.